Tailored Property Services - Commercial

Tailored Property Services offers a wide range of Commercial Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance solutions to keep your property looking like new. Our team offers a professional and individually tailored approach to all your buildings exterior maintenance needs and cleaning desires.

Our expertly trained team only uses the best equipment and the most effective eco-friendly detergents and treatments to complete the job to the highest and safest standards.  

We travel Auckland wide to provide a free quote and discuss with you what exactly you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it depending on your budget and individual requirements.

Exterior Building Washing

A customer’s first impression is essential to running a good business,  so don't be let down by the exterior of your building.

Let Tailored Property Services get rid of all grease and grime on your building or shop front and keep your business looking like new, year round.

All joinery, eaves, alcoves, soffits, gutters and downpipes from ground to gutter are included in the exterior building wash. We pride ourselves on a meticulous clean and most importantly customer satisfaction so please let us know if your not happy with any part of our service and we’ll keep cleaning till you are 100% Satisfied.


Grime, moss, mould and lichen are very detrimental to paint work and as most major paint companies and contractors will tell you, a regular building wash will add years of life to the paintwork and prevent the expensive process of a re-paint.

Weather its for regulatory purposes on you just want your building looking like new again, please get in contact with us for a free obligation free quote on your building or shop front.


Foot Path and Frontage Cleaning

If your concrete and aggregate surfaces in and around your business are looking run down,  give us a call for a obligation free quote.
Don't let your business building be let down by its surrounding surfaces. Let the team at Tailored Property Service meet your individual needs and requirements and provide an effective solution to keep your surface’s looking there best and avoid dangerously slippery growths from growing in and around your business.

Carpark Buildings   -   Concrete Car Park    -    Warehouse Floors    -   Building Entrance Ways

Please get in contact to discuss an effective solution for your properties surfaces and a obligation free quote.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Roofs are the most important part in preserving and enhancing the longevity of your Building. Get in contact with us to discuss the most effective and safest way to clean and maintain your roof. 

You must always insure that your building’s roof remains moss and mould free to prevent any damage occurring. Organic growth (moss, mould, lichen, etc.) can seriously damage your roof by growing in under and around your paintwork, seals and joints on your roof, creating unwanted gaps, movement and loss of paint and seals. Organic growth on your roof will result in leaks and lead to further expediential growth of these unwanted and damaging spores.

Please get in contact with us to discuss an appropriate solution for your roof and a free no obligation quote.

Gutter and Downpipe Services

Avoid unwanted damage to your building by ensuring that your gutters and downpipes are unblocked and working the way they should.
Gutters and downpipes around your building are essential to its longevity. It doesn't take long for build up of plant growth, grit, leaves and foreign objects to block the flow of your guttering and down pipes. This can lead to internal water entry and extensive damage. Depending on the location of your building  and tree cover surrounding your building Tailored Property Services will create an individually tailored service plan for your buildings guttering so you're not spending more than you need to.

Get in contact for an obligation free quote and inspection.


Sand & Soda Blasting

Let T.P.S give a new lease of life to not just you building but your assets as well with our Sand & Soda Blasting services.

At Tailored Property Services, we use a media blasting machine to strip paint and rust from pretty much any type of metal surface.

A soda media is used on more delicate metal surfaces and graffiti removal.  Soda is also very effective for smoke damaged brickes.

For tougher jobs a sand-like media will be pumped through and used on things such as car frames, chassis,  metal skip bins and heavy machinery.

If you have any queries about this service, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out and provide a free quote.