Tailored Property Services

Tailored Property Services offers a wide range of Residential Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance solutions to keep your property looking like new. Our team offers a professional and tailored approach to all your home’s exterior maintenance needs and cleaning desires.

Our expertly trained team only uses the best equipment and the most effective eco-friendly detergents and treatments to complete the job to the highest and safest standards.  

We travel Auckland wide to provide a free quote and discuss with you what exactly you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it depending on your budget and individual requirements. 

House Washing Services

Keep your house looking it’s best and protect your paint work from any damaging moss or mould with our eco - friendly house washing services.                                   

The team at T.P.S offers an eco-friendly house washing service completed by our trained professionals and top of line equipment.

All joinery, eaves, alcoves, soffits, gutters and downpipes from ground to gutter are included in the exterior wash. We pride ourselves on a meticulous clean and most importantly customer satisfaction.

 House Washing Befoe & After

House Washing Befoe & After

Paint Damaging Growths

Grime, moss, mould and lichen are very detrimental to paint work and as most major paint companies and contractors will tell you, a regular house wash will add years of life to the paintwork and prevent the expensive process of a re-paint.

Get in contact for more info or to request a free quote.



Water Blasting Services

Water blasting of decks, driveways, paths and fences is an easy way to drastically improve the look of your property for yourself or a prospective buyer.

T.P.S provides a wide range of water blasting services using expertise and equipment that provides the most effective results whilst protecting and insuring all surfaces are protected from any damage.

Please get in contact with us to discuss any of the water blasting services we offer below or to request a free quote.

 Water Blasting Before & After

Water Blasting Before & After

Roof Cleaning Services

Roofs are the most important part in preserving and enhancing the longevity of your home. 

Get in contact with us to discuss the most effective and safest way to clean and maintain your roof.

You must always insure that your roof remains moss and mould free to prevent any damage occurring to your roof. Organic growth (moss, mould, lichen, etc.) can seriously damage your roof by growing in under and around your paintwork, seals and joints on your roof creating unwanted gaps, movement and loss of paint and seals. Organic growth on your roof will result in leaks and lead to further growth of these unwanted and damaging spores.

Please get in contact with us to discuss an appropriate solution for your roof and a free no obligation quote.

 Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Gutter Services

Our professional team will help resolve all your home's gutter issues, including clearing and regular maintenance, unblocking of down pipes and effective gutter guarding solutions.

Blocked gutters and downpipes can cause serious damage to your soffits, roof and functionality of your house and drainage system. It’s essential to remember to check and make sure your gutter system remains free of debris. T.P.S will resolve all of your gutter maintenance issues and help resolve it from occurring in the future through effective gutter guarding solutions and cost effective servicing programmes.

Please get in contact for any more info or to request a free quote and discussion on your home's gutter system.

 Gutter Clearing Services

Gutter Clearing Services

Tennis Court Rejuvenation

Over time, the sand infill layer in these artificial surfaces can become compacted and contaminated with moss and algae due to overuse and a lack of proper maintenance and care, this is where tennis court rejuvenation needs to be carried out. The rejuvenation process for a sand filled tennis court facility involves extracting the existing layer of dirty sand infill and applying a new clean layer of sand in its place to restore the original performance qualities of the surface. Tennis court rejuvenation should take place if the synthetic grass tennis court begins holding water and tests are carried out to show that the sand infill layer has been contaminated by dirt, moss and algae.